Below is the second part of the programme for the 2010 Millennium Conference on International Relations in Dialogue. Papers can be accessed in pdf or word by following the hyperlinked paper titles. Details are fairly firm, but there may still be some minor changes made to the itinerary before the conference.


9:30-10.55     Panel Session 3.1 :  Hong Kong Theatre : WAR, INTERVENTION & PEACE-BUILDING

Chair/Discussant: Vivienne Jabri (Kings College)

Ronan O’Callaghan (Manchester University), Talking about War?: Secular Theology and Noble Sacrifice in Walzer’s Just War Discourse

Maria João Pereira (Technical University of Lisbon) & Pedro José-Marcelino (York University), Trauma and the Politics of Life: Of  War, Security and Humanitarian Intervention

Emily Pia (University of St. Andrews), A Narrative Approach to Peacebuilding

9:30-10.55     Panel Session 3.2 :  D209 : NEGOTIATION & THE ONTOLOGY OF DIALOGUE

Chair/Discussant: Joe Hoover (LSE)

Kristine Kalanges (American University), From the Violence of Positivism to the Ethics of Encounter: Restoring Relationality to International Relations

Sungju Park-Kang (Lancaster University), Utmost Listening: Feminist IR as A Foreign Language

Cami Rowe (Lancaster University), Dialogue and Performativity: Using Performance Studies to Evaluate Dialogic Norm Construction

9:30-10.55     Panel Session 3.3 :  D211 : PRACTITIONERS, ACADEMICS, ADVOCACY

Chair/Discussant: Corinna Mullin (SOAS)

Nelli Babayan (University of Trento), Shall We Talk?: Democracy Promotion as a Part of Scholarly and Practitioner Dialogue

Medha Bisht (Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi), Domestic Spaces and Advocacy Groups: An Interface between IR theory and Diplomatic Practice

Yaniv Voller (LSE), The Pursuit of International Legitimacy as a Sphere of Communicative Action: Separatism and Communicative Action in International Society

11:00-11:30   Coffee Break : D202

11:35-13:00     Panel Session 4.1 :  Hong Kong Theatre : METHOD, REFLEXIVITY & THE POLITICS OF DIALOGUE

Chair/Discussant: Adam Humphreys (University of Oxford)

Hidemi Suganami (Aberystwyth University), Causal Explanation and Moral Judgement: Undividing a Division

Raluca Soreanu (New York University), Outlaw Emotions and Theory Change in the Discipline of International Relations

Matthew Eagleton-Pierce (LSE), Advancing a Reflexive International Relations


Chair/Discussant: Vassilis Paipais (LSE)

Felix Berenskoetter (SOAS), Brothers in Space and Time? Searching for the Place where IR Theories Meet

Benjamin Herborth & Oliver Kessler (Ludwig Maximilians University), Dialogical Observations on the Problem of Bargaining

Daniel Jacobi (University of Frankfurt), The Experience of Security and the Security of Experience

Torsten Michel (Bristol University), In(ter)dependence day: A Phenomenological Re-Reading of the Agent-Structure Debate in IR

13:00-14:00   Lunch Break : D202

14:05-15:30   Panel Session 5.1 :  Hong Kong Theatre : THE POLITICS OF DIALOGUE

Chair/Discussant: Christian Bueger (European University Institute, Florence)

Joseph Campos (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Dialogue and its Role in International Relations to Reshape the Domain of Knowledge and Power

Markus Kornprobst (Vienna School of International Studies), The Discipline is Not Enough: Scholarship, Communicative Power, and Politics

Stephan Engelkamp (University of Munster), Norms That (Get) Diffuse: Exploring the Role of Myths in Local Norm Adaption

Teresa Tomas Rangil (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan), The Diffusion of Rational Choice in IR in the 1980s and 1990s and its Impact on the Discipline [paper not available]

14:05-15:30   Panel Session 5.2 :  D209 : DIALOGUE & AESTHETICS

Chair/Discussant: Douglas Bulloch (LSE)

David L. Martin (Goldsmiths University), Turning Blind: The ‘Aesthetic Turn’ and the Methodological Promise of Dialogue, Or ‘What’s So Wrong with Mimesis Anyway?’

Vanessa Pupavac (University of Nottingham), Should Little Women Be in IR? A Dialogue Between the Opposing Traditions of the Novel and International Relations

Kathryn Starnes (University of Manchester), IR Textbooks and Dialogue: Using Fairytales to Invite New Conversations

14:05-15:30   Panel Session 5.3 :  D211 : CIVILIZATIONS, GEOGRAPHIES, DIALOGUES II

Chair/Discussant: Fabio Petito (University of Sussex)

Lucy Taylor (Aberystwyth University), South-Side Up: Imagining IR Through Latin America

Theresa Reinold (Goethe University, Frankfurt), Taking the Subaltern Seriously: Counter-Hegemonic International Law and International Criminal Justice

Paul Becque (Nottingham Trent University), The Tragedy of Reason and IR’s Forgotten Man

15:30-16:00   Coffee Break : D202

16:00-17:45   CLOSING DIALOGUE : Hong Kong Theatre

Chair: Professor Fawaz Gerges (LSE)

Dr. Tarak Barkawi (University of Cambridge), From War to Security; From Security to War

Dr. Gurminder Bhambra (University of Warwick), Dialogue, Critique, and Modernity

Professor Mustapha Pasha (University of Aberdeen), Over The Line: Western Nihilism and International Relations

Dr. Robbie Shilliam (University of Victoria, Wellington), Decolonizing the Grounds of Dialogue

17:45-18.00   Close

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