Below is the programme for the 2010 Millennium Conference on International Relations in Dialogue. Papers can be accessed in pdf or word by following the hyperlinked paper titles. Details are fairly firm, but there may still be some minor changes made to the itinerary before the conference.


09:00 –10:00  Registration & Coffee : entrance to Clement House & D202

10:00 –10:10   Welcome and Introductions : Hong Kong Theatre

10:10 –11.55    OPENING DIALOGUE : Hong Kong Theatre

Chair: Professor Michael Cox (LSE)

Professor Amitav Acharya (American University), On the Possibility of, and Obstacles to, Dialogue between Western and Non-Western IR Theories and Amongst Non-Western IR Theories

Professor Kimberly Hutchings (LSE), Dialogue Between Whom? How Useful are the Categories of ‘Western’/’Non-Western’ in Promoting Global Dialogue in IR?

12:00-13.25   Panel Session 1.1 :  Hong Kong Theatre : DECOLONISING & DECENTRING THE DIALOGUE

Chair: Robbie Shilliam, University of Wellington

Discussant: George Lawson (LSE)

Robert Deuchars (Victoria University of Wellington), Creating Lines of Flight and Activating Resistance: Deleuze and Guattari’s War Machine

Meera Sabaratnam (LSE), Between Monologue and Cacophony: The Decolonising Project to Displace the Authoritative ‘Subject’ of Inquiry

Alina Sajed (University of Hong Kong), The Post Always Rings Twice?: The Algerian War, Poststructuralism and the Postcolonial in IR Theory

12:00-13.25   Panel Session 1.2 :  D209 : IN DIALOGUE WITH HABERMAS

Chair/Discussant: Joseph Campos (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Cornelia Beyer (University of Hull), Yes, We Can Talk

Fiona Robinson (Carleton University), Stop Talking and Listen: Discourse Ethics and Care Ethics in International Political Theory

Matthew Fluck (Aberystwyth University), The Best There Is?: Communication, Materialism, and Critical IR Theory

Piki Ish-Shalom (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Three Dialogic Imperatives in International Relations Scholarship: A Buberian Program

12:00-13.25   Panel Session 1.3 :  D211 : DIALOGUES OF REGIONAL POLITICS

Chair/Discussant: Matthew Eagleton-Pierce (LSE)

Morten Valbjørn & Knud Erik Jørgensen (Aarhus University), European Studies and New Regionalism: Four Dialogues and the Funeral of a Beautiful Relationship

Magdalena Gora (Jagiellonian University), Reconciliation in the Context of Enlargement of the European Union [paper not available]

Kim Hyung Jong & Lee Poh Ping (University of Malaya), The Changing Role of Dialogue in the International Relations of Southeast Asia

Girish Kumar & Siegfried Schieder (European University Institute), The Politics of North-South Dialogue: A Constructivist Explanation to the Enduring Impasse in WTO Doha Round

13.30-14.30   Lunch Break: A map of restaurants and food outlets in the area is provided in the conference pack.

14.30-15.55   Panel Session 2.1 :  Hong Kong Theatre : CIVILISATIONS, GEOGRAPHIES, DIALOGUES I

Chair/Discussant: Mustapha Pasha (University of Aberdeen)

Fabio Petito (University of Sussex), Civilizational Dialogue and Orientalism: Or, On the Diverging Agreement Between Edward Said and Louis Massignon

Kamila Pieczara (University of Warwick), Two Modes of Dialogue in IR: Testing on Western versus Non-Western Engagement with IR Theory

Shinhyung Choi (Queen’s University, Belfast), Can’t Do Without: Graphic Bodily Translations in Cross-Cultural Dialogues

14.30-15.55   Panel Session 2.2 :  D209 : IR THEORY AND INTERNATIONAL HISTORY IN DIALOGUE

Chair/Discussant: George Lawson, LSE

Adam Humphreys (University of Oxford), Questions, Questions: Improving Dialogue in the Theory/History Nexus

Andrew Glencross (University of Aberdeen), Historical Consciousness in International Relations Theory: A Hidden Disciplinary Dialogue

Eddie Keene (University of Oxford), New Histories and International Relations: Social Close and the Rise of the New Diplomacy

14.30-15.55   Panel Session 2.3 : D206 : CRITICAL REALISM, CONSTRUCTIVISM & METHODOLOGY

Chair/Discussant: Antoine Bousquet (Birkbeck)

Keith O’Sullivan (Dublin City University), Towards Deeper Engagement in Conflict Studies: A Critical Realist Approach to the Study of Civil Conflict

Ahmed Ali Salem (Zayed University, UAE), Realism and Constructivism: Intra-Paradigm Dialogues and Reconciliations

Yong-Soo Eun (University of Warwick), Methodological Dialogue in IR: How to Develop Fruitful Interaction Between (Exclusive) Methods of Causal Explanation and Reasoning in the Study of Foreign Policy

14.30-15.55   Panel Session 2.4 :  D211 : IR’s DISCIPLINARY DIALOGUE

Chair/Discussant: David Chandler (University of Westminster)

Benjamin de Carvalho, Halvard Leira (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs) & John Hobson (University of Sheffield), The Noble Discipline of IR: The Stubborn Myths of 1648 and 1919, and the Denial of Imperialism

Jochen Kleinschmidt & Jeppe Strandsbjerg (Copenhagen Business School), After Critical Geopolitics: Why IR Theorizing Needs (Still More) Social Theory

Jodok Troy (University of Innsbruck), Mimesis and the Problem of Rationality: Discussing Girard and International Relations Theory

Liliana Pop (London Metropolitan University), Let’s Collapse Un-Necessary Differences: Through Dialogue

15.55-16.30   Coffee Break : D202

16.30-18.15  KEYNOTE DIALOGUE : Hong Kong Theatre

Chair: Professor Barry Buzan (LSE)

Professor J. Ann Tickner (University of Southern California), Dealing With Difference: Problems and Possibilities for Dialogue in IR

Professor Ole Wæver (University of Copenhagen), IR in a Post-Western World: Diversity between Disciplinary Recognition and Geocultural Fragmentation

18:30             Reception: Details to be confirmed.

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