Following the success of the 2010 Millennium Conference this past weekend, we are happy to announce a range of articles taken from previous (and forthcoming) issues which have been made freely available by Sage. Do check them out. We are particularly glad to be making Alex Colás and George Lawson’s tribute article to the late Fred Halliday available to all.

The full list of articles now available for free is as follows:

Alejandro Colás and George Lawson, ‘Fred Halliday: Achievements, Ambivalences and Openings’, Millennium 39, no. 2, forthcoming December 2010

Gideon Baker, ‘The Spectre of Montezuma: Hospitality and Haunting’, Millennium 39, no. 1, August 2010:23-42

Barry Buzan, ‘America in Space: The International Relations of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, Millennium 39, no. 1, August 2010:175-180

The Violence and Memory Forum from Millennium 38(2)

Duncan Bell, ‘Memory and Violence’, Millennium 38, no. 2, December 2009:345-360

W. James Booth, ‘Kashmir Road: Some Reflections on Memory and Violence’, Millennium 38, no. 2, December 2009:361-377

Katherine Hite and Cath Collins, ‘Memorial Fragments, Monumental Silences and Reawakenings in 21st-Century Chile’, Millennium 38, no. 2, December 2009:379-400

John Hutchinson, ‘Warfare and the Sacralisation of Nations: The Meanings, Rituals and Politics of National Remembrance’, Millennium 38, no. 2, December 2009:401-417

Maja Zehfuss, ‘Hierarchies of Grief and the Possibility of War: Remembering UK Fatalities in Iraq’, Millennium 38, no. 2, December 2009:419-440

In addition, the entirety of Millennium 37, no. 1, August 2008 is still available for free, featuring articles by Martin Müller, David Chandler, Elizabeth Dauphinee, Richard Beardsworth, Michael J. Shapiro and a forum on feminism in IR with Kimberly Hutchings, Terrell Carver, Raluca Soreanu and David Hudson, Marysia Zalewski, Ann Tickner, Christine Sylvester, Margot Light, Vivienne Jabri and Fred Halliday!


– The Editors

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