F1.mediumThe first issue of Millennium Vol. 42 is now available online. Contributions include:


  • David Chandler – ‘Human-Centred’ Development? Rethinking ‘Freedom’ and ‘Agency’ in Discourses of International Development
  • Gerard van der Ree – The Politics of Scientific Representation in International Relations
  • Mai’a K. Davis Cross – The Military Dimension of European Security: An Epistemic Community Approach
  • John Anthony Pella, Jr – Thinking Outside International Society: A Discussion of the Possibilities for English School Conceptions of World Society
  • Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nisancioglu – What’s at Stake in the Transition Debate? Rethinking the Origins of Capitalism and the ‘Rise of the West’

Forum: International Relations and the ‘Death of God’

  • Aggie Hirst and Nicholas Michelsen – Introduction: International Relations and the ‘Death of God’
  • Michael Dillon – Afterlife: Living Death to Political Spirituality
  • Aggie Hirst – Violence, Self-authorship and the ‘Death of God’: The ‘Traps’ of the Messianic and the Tragic
  • Tom Houseman – Auschwitz as Eschaton: Adorno’s Negative Rewriting of the Messianic in Critical Theory
  • Mustapha Kamal Pasha – Nihilism and the Otherness of Islam
  • Nicholas Michelsen – Liberalism, Political Theology and Suicide Bombing

Review Articles

  • Markus Patberg – Constituent Power beyond the State: An Emerging Debate in International Political Theory
  • Matthew Morgan – Liberalism in Crisis: A Collapsing World Order
  • Corey Ranford-Robinson – Cosmopolitanism and Liberal Universalism in International Relations Theory: Moralising Politics or Politicising Ethics?

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