Millennium, Volume 41, Issue 3

Keynote Address

  • William E. Connolly, ‘The ‘New Materialism’ and the Fragility of Things


  • Andrew Barry, ‘The Translation Zone: Between Actor-Network Theory and International Relations’
  • Erica Cudworth and Stephen Hobden, ‘Of Parts and Wholes: International Relations Beyond the Human’
  • Diana Cole, ‘Agentic Capacities and Capacious Historical Materialism: Thinking with New Materialisms in the Political Sciences’

Conference Articles

  • Daniel R. McCarthy, ‘Technology and ‘the International’ or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Determinism’
  • Nicholas Lees, ‘Structural Inequality, Quasi-rents and the Democratic Peace: A Neo-Ricardian Analysis of International Order’
  • David Chandler, ‘The World of Attachment? The Post-humanist Challenge to Freedom and Necessity’
  • Caroline Holmqvist, ‘Undoing War: War Ontologies and the Materiality of Drone Warfare’
  • Peer Schouten, ‘The Materiality of State Failure: Social Contract Theory, Infrastructure and Governmental Power in Congo’
  • Stephan Scheel, ‘Autonomy of Migration Despite Its Securitisation? Facing the Terms and Conditions of Biometric Rebordering’
  • Renée Marlin-Bennet, ‘Embodied Information, Knowing Bodies, and Power’
  • Hidemi Suganami, ‘Causation-in-the-World: A Contribution to Meta-theory of IR’

Review Articles

  • Friedrich Kratochwil, ‘The Power of Paradoxes: A Review of Badredine Arfi’s Rethinking International Relations Theory via Deconstruction’
  • Claudia Astarita, ‘Exploring Asia: Understanding the Historic Roots of Regional Contemporary Challenges’
  • Anna Dimitrova, ‘The Politics of Recognition in International Conflicts’
  • Fatemeh Shayan, ‘Interdisciplinarity and the Emerged Shift in the Study of International Relations’

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