Millennium, Volume 41, Issue 2


  • Luca Mavelli, ‘Between Normalisation and Exception: The Securitisation of Islam and the Construction of the Secular Subject’
  • Anne McNevin, ‘Ambivalence and Citizenship: Theorising the Political Claims of Irregular Migrants’
  • Jon Harald Sande Lie, ‘Challenging Anthropology: Anthropological Reflections on the Ethnographic Turn in International Relations’
  • Daniel Kenealy and Konstantinos Kostagiannis, ‘Realist Visions of European Union: E.H. Carr and Integration’


     Editor’s Introduction

  • Hidemi Suganami, ‘Meta-Jackson: Rethinking Patrick Thaddeus Jackson’s Conduct of Inquiry
  • Torsten Michel, ‘When One World Is Not Enough: Patrick Jackson’s The Conduct of Inquiry as a Narrative of IR Meta-Theory’
  • Adam R.C. Humphreys, ‘Applying Jackson’s Methodological Ideal Types: Problems of Differentiation and Classification’
  • Christine Sylvester, ‘The Elusive Arts of Reflexivity in the “Sciences” of International Relations’
  • Colin Wight, ‘The Dualistic Grounding of Monism: Science, Pluralism and Typological Truncation’
  • Fred Chernoff, ‘Science, Progress and Pluralism in the study of International Relations’
  • Patrick Thaddeus Jackson, ‘Preparing the Grounds for a More Hospitable International Relations’

Review Article

  • Aaron Ettinger, ‘Neoliberalism, the State and War’

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