Reorienting Realism

Reorienting Realism: Context, Crisis and Critique A workshop to be held at the University of Edinburgh, June 23-24 Sponsored by the Royal Society of Edinburgh This workshop is intended to investigate the revival of interest in ‘classical’ Realism since the turn of the millennium. The participants critically engage with Realism and examine its philosophical and […]

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Theory Talk with Jean-François Bayart

Globalization, Subjectification, and the Historicity of State Formation Debates on globalization tend to assume an analytical tension between economic dynamics on the one hand and the nation-state on the other—an assumption shared by both liberal IR theory and its critics, who for instance see nationalism as a backlash against globalization. Jean-François Bayart, well known among […]

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CFP: The Historical Sociology of International Theory

BISA working group on Historical Sociology and IR Centre for Advanced International Theory, University of Sussex  The Historical Sociology of International Theory One day workshop – Thursday 13th September 2012 The discipline of International Relations is home to a wide range of theoretical approaches and its history is characterized by (metaphorical) debates and competition between these […]

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