Reorienting Realism:

Context, Crisis and Critique

A workshop to be held at the University of Edinburgh, June 23-24

Sponsored by the Royal Society of Edinburgh

This workshop is intended to investigate the revival of interest in ‘classical’ Realism since the turn of the millennium. The participants critically engage with Realism and examine its philosophical and historical roots within the context of modernity’s various crises.  The workshop is designed to appeal to those who are interested in the history of international thought, critical theory, and the contemporary relevance of Realism as a theory of International Relations.

For further details and expressions of interest in attending this workshop please contact the workshop organiser, Dr. Seán Molloy at


Prof. Hartmut Behr, Newcastle University

Dr. Adam Humphreys, Brasenose College, Oxford University

Dr. Oliver Jütersonke, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

Prof. Timothy Luke, Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech)

Dr. Seán Molloy, University of Edinburgh

Dr. Vassilios Paipais, University of Edinburgh

Prof. Nicholas Rengger, University of St. Andrews

Dr. Felix Rösch, Newcastle University

Prof. William Scheuerman, Indiana University

Prof. Michael C. Williams, University of Ottawa

Dr. Vibeke Tjalve, Danish Institute for International Studies

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