Millennium 43.2 cover
Millennium 43.2 cover

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See below for a list of the issue’s content:


  • Diana Panke: Lock-in Strategies in International Negotiations: The Deconstruction of Bargaining Power
  • Astrid H.M. Nordin and Dan Öberg: Targeting the Ontology of War: From Clausewitz to Baudrillard
  • Hikaru Yamashita: New Humanitarianism and Changing Logics of the Political in International Relations
  • Chi-hung Wei: Engaging a State that Resists Sanctions Pressure: US Policy toward China, 1992−1994
  • Nick Robinson: Have You Won the War on Terror? Military Videogames and the State of American Exceptionalism
  • Luis Cabrera: Global Government and the Sources of Globoscepticism
  • Tim Di Muzio: The Plutonomy of the 1%: Dominant Ownership and Conspicuous Consumption in the New Gilded Age
  • Tami Amanda Jacoby: A Theory of Victimhood: Politics, Conflict and the Construction of Victim-based Identity
  • Peter J. Verovšek: Expanding Europe through Memory: The Shifting Content of the Ever-Salient Past
  • Mano Toth: The Myth of the Politics of Regret
    Ian Klinke: European Integration Studies and the European Union’s Eastern Gaze

Forum: Global Governance in the Interregnum

  • Tom Pegram and Michele Acuto: Introduction: Global Governance in the Interregnum
  • Matthias Hofferberth: Mapping the Meanings of Global Governance: A Conceptual Reconstruction of a Floating Signifier
  • Tom Pegram: Governing Relationships: The New Architecture in Global Human Rights Governance
  • Madeline Carr: Power Plays in Global Internet Governance
  • Maximilian Mayer and Michele Acuto: The Global Governance of Large Technical Systems
  • Philipp Pattberg and Oscar Widerberg: Theorising Global Environmental Governance: Key Findings and Future Questions

Review articles

  • Alexander Brand: The (BR)IC Way: An Alternative Path to Development?
  • Michael E. Newell: The Post-9/11 World and Change in Law, Ethics and Armed Conflict
  • Darius A’Zami: ‘China in Africa’: From Under-researched to Under-theorised?

Responses to Matthias Kranke review article

  • Stuart Shields, Ian Bruff, and Huw Macartney: Critical International Political Economy and the Importance of Dissensus
  • Jacqueline Best and Matthew Paterson: Towards a Cultural Political Economy – Not a Cultural IPE
  • Matthias Kranke: Of Gardens and Gates in (International) Political Economy: A Rejoinder

Responses to Iver Neumann’s Inaugural

  • Charlotte Epstein: Minding the Brain: IR as a Science?
  • Dominic D.P. Johnson: Survival of the Disciplines: Is International Relations Fit for the New Millennium?

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