home_coverSpecial Issue: Rethinking the Standard(s) of Civilisation(s) in International Relations

 Editor’s Introduction

  • Dimitrios Stroikos, Introduction: Rethinking the Standard(s) of Civilisation(s) in International Relations

Keynote Address

  • John M. Hobson, The Twin Self-Delusions of IR: Why ‘Hierarchy’ and Not ‘Anarchy’ is the Core Concept of IR


  • Barry Buzan, The ‘Standard of Civilisation’ as an English School Concept
Ann Towns, Carrying the Load of Civilisation: The Status of Women and Challenged Hierarchies
Brett Bowden, To Rethink Standards of Civilisation, Start with the End
Shogo Suzuki, Journey to the West: China Debates Its ‘Great Power’ Identity
Edward Keene, The standard of ‘Civilisation’, the Expansion Thesis and the Nineteenth-century International Social Space
Yongjin Zhang, The Standard of ‘Civilization’ Redux: Towards the Expansion of International Society 3.0?

Conference Articles

  • Andrew Phillips, Civilising Missions and the Rise of International Hierarchies in Early Modern Asia
  • Kalypso Nicolaidis, Claire Vergerio, Nora Fisher Onar, Juri Viehoff, From Metropolis to Microcosmos: The EU’s New Standards of Civilisation
  • Erika Cudworth, Stephen Hobden, Civilisation and the Domination of the Animal
  • Tanja Aalberts, Rethinking the Principle of (Sovereign) Equality as a Standard of Civilisation
  • Manjeet Ramgotra, Republic and Empire in Montesquieu’s Spirit of the Laws
  • Filippo, Costa Buranelli, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door: Russia, Central Asia and the Mediated Expansion of International Society
  • Carsten-Andreas Schulz, the Making of Latin America’s Place in Nineteenth-Century International Society

Northedge Prize

  • Philippe Frowd, State Personhood, Abjection and the United States’ HIV Travel Ban

Book Reviews 


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