Millennium, Volume 42, Issue 2 


  • Judith Renner – The Local Roots of the Global Politics of Reconciliation: The Articulation of F1.medium‘Reconciliation’ as an Empty Universal in the South African Transition to Democracy
  • Jeremy Green – Beyond Coxian Historicism: Nineteenth Century World Order and the Promise of Uneven and Combined Development
  •  Amin Samman – Making Global Financial History: The Crisis of 2008 and the Return of the Past
  • Jean-Louis Durand and Sebastian Kaempf – Re-Imagining Communities: Opening Up History to the Memory of Others
  • Vassilios Paipais – Between Politics and the Political: Reading Hans J. Morgenthau’s Double Critique of Depoliticisation
  • Karen Tucker – Participation and Subjectification in Global Governance: NGOs, Acceptable Subjectives and the WTO
  • Anthony King – The Digital Revolution: Camouflage Uniforms in the Twenty-First Century
  •  Lee Jarvis and Jack Holland – ‘We [for]got him’: Remembering and Forgetting in the Narration of bin Laden’s death

Forum: Hobson’s The Eurocentric Conception of World Politics

  • Torbjørn Knutsen – Western Approaches
  • L.H.M. Ling – Hobson’s Eurocentric World Politics: The Journey Begins
  • Brian Schmidt – A Realist View of the Eurocentric Conception of World Politics
  • Ann J. Tickner – Reading Hobson Through Feminist Lenses
  • Robert Vitalis – A Great Grandson Breaks New Grounds in Critical IR Thought
  • John Hobson – Re-Viewing The Eurocentric Conception of World Politics: A Response to Knutsen, Ling, Schmidt, Tickner and Vitalis

Book Reviews

  • Marta Iniguez de Heredia – Resistance and Challenges to Liberal Peace Processes
  • Isaac Kfir – Trying to untangle the mystery of Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Laura Sjoberg – Gender/Violence in a Gendered/Violent World


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