Millennium, Volume 40, Issue 3

Special Issue: Out of the Ivory Tower

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  • Chris Brown, “The ‘Practice Turn’, Phronesis and Classical Realism: Towards a Phronetic International Political Theory?”
  • Morten Skumsrud Andersen and Iver B. Neumann, “Practices as Models: A Methodology with an Illustration Concerning Wampum Diplomacy”
  • Christine Sylvester, “War Experiences/War Practices/War Theory”
  • Stephen Gill, “Towards a Radical Concept of Praxis: Imperial ‘common sense’ Versus the Post-modern Prince”
  • Christian Reus-Smit, “International Relations, Irrelevant? Don’t Blame Theory”
  • Richard Beardsworth, “Political Vision in the Discipline of International Relations”
  • Münevver Cebeci, “European Foreign Policy Research Reconsidered: Constructing an ‘Ideal Power Europe’ through Theory?”
  • Alexander D. Barder and Daniel J. Levine, “‘The World Is Too Much with Us’: Reification and the Depoliticising of Via Media Constructivist IR”
  • Rodger A. Payne, “Cooperative Security: Grand Strategy Meets Critical Theory?”
  • Inanna Hamati-Ataya, “IR Theory as International Practice/Agency: A Clinical-Cynical Bourdieusian Perspective”
  • Magnus Ryner, “Financial Crisis, Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy in the Production of Knowledge about the EU”

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