(Re)Writing the International: Interrogating Histories, Imagining Futurities

22-24 October 2021 (Online)

Conference Programme

Call for Papers

The world faces deep crises. These crises have uncovered fault lines across political, racial,
gendered, environmental, and health issues, to name but a few. They have also seen the rise of a range of mobilisations, from the #BlackLivesMatter protests and democratic uprisings in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Palestine, Colombia, Belarus, among others, to reactionary white supremacist movements. In reflecting on and responding to this moment of crises and mass protests, all of which have been made and unmade internationally, the Millennium 2021 annual conference calls for a fundamental rethinking of the stakes of the ‘international’. In doing so, our intent is to repoliticise what it means to research, co-produce, cultivate, imagine, and teach the international. The conference invites critical (re)examinations of competing ideas of the pasts, presents, afterlives, and futures of the international. In particular, we aim to raise questions about undertheorised conceptions of the international, from anti-colonialism to fascism, in boundary-pushing, unconventional, and creative ways (through art, fiction, and other media). In this way, we hope to open up conceptual and political spaces to reimagine possible futures of both our discipline and the world.

To develop these spaces, the Millennium 2021 conference welcomes submissions on the following themes:

• How to (re)think, (re)imagine and/or (re)write the international.
• The ways in which historical conceptions of the international shape contemporary
understandings of world politics.
• Investigations of the racialised, gendered, sexualised, and ableist hierarchies structuring the international as theory & praxis, and the acts of solidarity and resistance that challenge these hierarchies.
• Pedagogical reflections on and of the international (ways of teaching / knowing & making
known). • Resisting the extractivist and exploitative settler-colonial origins, presents, and afterlives of the international.
• Anti-racist, anti-imperialist, and anti-capitalist imaginaries of the pasts, presents, and futures.
• Histories and connections between different traditions of internationalism (feminist, Black,
queer, indigenous) and their conceptions of the international.
• Reclaiming spaces for a spectrum of emotions, including care, healing, grief in the
international amidst times of crises.
• How radical (anarchist, revolutionary, insurgent, working-class, history-from-below)
movements shape, enact, and are shaped in and by the international.

Confirmed keynote speakers

Prof. Sankaran Krishna (University of Hawaii Manoa), Prof. Patricia Owens
(University of Oxford), Dr. Amy Niang (Mohammed VI Polytechnic University)

We invite submissions of proposals for both individual and panel presentations. We welcome
traditional academic paper presentations and artistic, poetic, conversational, literary or other forms of engagement with our conference theme. Please upload your abstracts of no more than 250 words or panel proposals (3-5 papers), on our conference platform:
https://millennium2021.exordo.com by 12th July 2021, midnight (GMT).

A selection of contributions will be published as part of a special issue in Millennium: Journal of International Studies vol. 50 (3). If you would like your work to be considered for this issue, please submit it via the ScholarOne online system by midnight (GMT) on 22nd November 2021.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Shruti Balaji, Tarsis Brito, Olivia Nantermoz
Editors, vol. 50
Millennium: Journal of International Studies