“…In midst of knowledge, dream’d not yet.”

Millennium is one of the best IR theory journals in the discipline – a ‘must’ for anyone who wants to know what is going on in the field.

– John A. Vasquez

Millennium: Journal of International Studies aims to publish innovative, critical, philosophical, and boundary-challenging articles from the discipline of international relations (IR), as well as original thinking from elsewhere in the social sciences with an international dimension.

Interdisciplinary and wide-ranging in scope, the journal provides a forum for discussion on the latest developments in IR theory. We encourage contributions from research students, young academics, and established scholars alike, so as to offer a platform for IR scholars to engage in dialogue across boundaries, borders, continents, departments, and academic disciplines.

Since 1971, Millennium has been a student run peer-reviewed journal at the cutting edge of the discipline of International Relations, establishing a reputation for challenging preconceptions about the topography of the discipline. As a journal close to the student research community, we have always aspired to be a high-quality, yet accessible publication. Progressive thought and conceptual invention keeps IR as a discipline in motion.

Millennium is based at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and is published three times a year in Summer, Winter and Spring. Every October, the annual Millennium conference offers students and scholars a valuable platform for cutting-edge scholarship to tackle new and philosophically engaging challenges to IR.

You can now also find us on Facebook, Twitter, LibraryThing, and Academia.edu. Back issues are also available online.

Millennium‘s history since 1971 has been traced by Mark Hoffman, one of the journal’s former editors (Vol. 10), in his 2003 article ‘Critical Voices in a Mainstream Local: Millennium, the LSE International Relations Department and the Development of International Theory’ (pdf).

The article has originally been published in the edited volume International Relations at LSE: A History of 75 Years (2003) compiled by Millennium‘s former editors Harry Bauer and Elisabetta Brighi (Vol. 31). Celebrating the International Relations  Department’s 75th Anniversary in 2002-3, this book for the first time provides an insight into the Department’s early and recent history, discusses the legacy and achievements of some of its outstanding figures, and invites sustained reflection on the mission underlying this institution. With no pretence of exhaustiveness, the collection of essays combines memory and analysis to sketch out experiences, interpretations and direction of this collective enterprise.

Reflecting the diversity of the Department over the years, the book features hitherto unpublished manuscripts by Martin Wight and F.S. Northedge as well as new contributions by, among others, James Der Derian, Hugh Dyer, Ronen Palan and Mark Hoffman. Topics touched upon include: the study of international relations at LSE, the contribution of Millennium: Journal of International Studies to the development of the field of IR Theory, the legacy of Hedley Bull, Susan Strange, and Phillip Windsor.

The book can be ordered by contacting Millennium’s Business Manager at millennium.manager@lse.ac.uk or via Amazon.

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