Volume 43, issue 2 is now available!

Millennium 43.2 cover

Millennium 43.2 cover

You can order a copy of the issue or view it online at mil.sagepub.com. Alternatively you can view the issue online.

See below for a list of the issue’s content:


  • Diana Panke: Lock-in Strategies in International Negotiations: The Deconstruction of Bargaining Power
  • Astrid H.M. Nordin and Dan Öberg: Targeting the Ontology of War: From Clausewitz to Baudrillard
  • Hikaru Yamashita: New Humanitarianism and Changing Logics of the Political in International Relations
  • Chi-hung Wei: Engaging a State that Resists Sanctions Pressure: US Policy toward China, 1992−1994
  • Nick Robinson: Have You Won the War on Terror? Military Videogames and the State of American Exceptionalism
  • Luis Cabrera: Global Government and the Sources of Globoscepticism
  • Tim Di Muzio: The Plutonomy of the 1%: Dominant Ownership and Conspicuous Consumption in the New Gilded Age
  • Tami Amanda Jacoby: A Theory of Victimhood: Politics, Conflict and the Construction of Victim-based Identity
  • Peter J. Verovšek: Expanding Europe through Memory: The Shifting Content of the Ever-Salient Past
  • Mano Toth: The Myth of the Politics of Regret
    Ian Klinke: European Integration Studies and the European Union’s Eastern Gaze

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2015 Northedge Prize – £500 Award

MillenniumsThe new Editorial Team for Millennium Volume 44 is pleased to announce that submissions for the 2015 Northedge Prize are now being accepted.

New to the competition this year are cash awards for the competition winners:


£500 to the 1st place recipient and essay publication.

£250 to two runners-up.


Monday, 9 February 2015. Submissions and other enquiries should be sent via email to millennium@lse.ac.uk.


Established in 1986 to commemorate the invaluable contribution of the late Professor F.S. Northedge to the creation of Millennium, the annual Northedge Essay Competition furthers a Millennium tradition of publishing exceptional student scholarship in a leading IR journal. The winning essay will be published in the first issue of the next volume.

The essay may be on any topic within International Relations or related areas of study, but critical papers that engage with progressive issues, innovative approaches, and philosophical arguments, are especially welcomed. The essay must be doubled-spaced and 7,000 to 9,000 words in length.

The Northedge Essay Competition is open to any student who is currently pursuing or has recently completed a degree in International Relations or a related field. The essay may be part of a doctoral research project, an essay or dissertation submitted as part of an undergraduate or Masters’ degree course, a seminar paper, or similar work. Essays must not have been previously published, or simultaneously submitted for consideration elsewhere. For undergraduate or Masters’ degree candidates whose essays form part of the requirements for a degree awarded by examination, essays must be submitted to the competition after the examination process has been concluded. Selected essays will be peer-reviewed and judged by the Editors on the basis of the essay’s contribution to the advancement of the field, originality of the argument, and scholarly presentation.

2014 Annual Millennium Conference Starts Today!

Millennium’s 2014 annual conference Quo Vadis IR: Method, Methodology and Innovation kicks off at 18:00 in the LSE’s Hong Kong Theatre (Clement House). Come join us for Patrick Thaddeus Jackson’s “Must International Relations Be A Science?” keynote speech followed by a reception in CLM 4.02.

For information on finding your way around the LSE: http://www.lse.ac.uk/mapsanddirections/findingyourwayaroundlse.aspx

For information about planning your trip around London: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/

If you cannot make it to London, follow conference events with twitter @millennjournal and #MilConf2014 or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Millennium.Journal

We look forward to engaging with you (in person or via social media)!


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